Thursday, May 06, 2010

An End-of-Term Reminder to All Students

From my handout on course policies and expectations:


Absences/Make-ups/Extra Credit/Incompletes

"Aside from officially sanctioned reasons for absence or lateness as outlined in the official MCLA Student Handbook, I will – on principle and in fairness to those who do their work in a timely fashion – strictly enforce all course deadlines. Therefore, there will be no "incompletes," “makeup exams," “partial credit” for late work, or “extra credit” for those hoping to improve existing grades. In short: please do all your work on time."


  1. Although I demure at one or two principles as possibly too stipulatively framed here, I like this iteration of your pedagogical expectations very much, and I especially appreciate the appeal to niceness.

  2. Thanks. Which ones are too "stipulatively framed"? (Sounds painful.)

  3. I'm not entirely convinced (yet!) that your policies on participation and attendance -- required but not charted or evaluated -- are the best, or only legitimate approach.

  4. I'm uncertain, too. Maybe we can solve this particular riddle in the process of writing "Bridges II" at the foot of the Bridge of Flowers, and our fall syllabi can be suitably amended.