Monday, September 26, 2016

(AP) Gettier Problems for K = JTB

Ed Gettier's original article from 1963:

A nice summary of issues surrounding Gettier cases:


The sheep in the field (Chisholm 1966/1977/1989). Imagine that you are standing outside a field. You see, within it, what looks exactly like a sheep. What belief instantly occurs to you? Among the many that could have done so, it happens to be the belief that there is a sheep in the field. And in fact you are right, because there is a sheep behind the hill in the middle of the field. You cannot see that sheep, though, and you have no direct evidence of its existence. Moreover, what you are seeing is a dog, disguised as a sheep. Hence, you have a well justified true belief that there is a sheep in the field. But is that belief knowledge?

And, finally, a snippet from Berkeley-the-idealist:

The table I write on, I say, exists, that is, I see and feel it; and if I were out of my study I should say it existed, meaning thereby that if I was in my study I might perceive it, or that some other spirit actually does perceive it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

(CR) A Poem for Ernst von Glasersfeld

On Knowing the World

To know or not to know the world:
Are signs and words themselves impearled,
Cerebral grit, strung end-to-end;
My thoughts of things and things a blend
Of ideational and pretend?

Or might I sometimes speak the truth
(However bold or très uncouth),
If what I think or say reflects
The state of things my mind detects,
My words denote, the world projects?


(AP) Van Meegeren's Vermeer Forgery

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Welcome/Welcome Back

My fall, 2016 seminars begin tomorrow.  I encourage all prospective, new, and returning students to read carefully my handout entitled "classroom policies and expectations."

Friday, May 20, 2016

Thesis XII, Volume 22.1

The latest issue of T-12, featuring two student essays and (for the very first time) contributions from all of the Philosophy Department Faculty, is now available online: