Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dumbest Poster Contest

From the March 16, 2010 "tea party protest."


  1. When I see comments like this, posters like this, my emotions vary from frustration to pity to depression.

  2. A. freedom could and and probably should imply the freedom to be treated with health care

    B. denying someone of health care implies facism

  3. No worries Jacob, the next phase is humor. Sure, signs like this are sad, ignorant, and a bit pathetic; but the belligerent Nationalists are more dependent on the government than they like to admit. The funny thing is that when you show up at these rallies and ask folks what Socialism is; some think it is Communism and most do not know at all—saying that all they know is it’s bad. Also, what is “Facism”: some sort of disease of the head? The word is Fascism, and the Bush administration, with all its manipulation and control, seemed to favor this ideology. That’s the irony, the right-wingers are toting signs saying no to “Facism”; that’s funny in a sad sort of way; still funny though. I don’t think we’re far from signs that read, ‘No Facism, vote Republican.