Monday, March 15, 2010

The Cheneyists Continue to Invent Reality

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  1. Are Cheney and his clan psychological terrorists? It’s interesting to note that in most other domestic relationships--such as that of American family life, or teacher-student--the kind of fear mongering, manipulation, and obstruction of justice that Cheney and his gang of thugs perpetuate—is considered a punishable offense, and a moral wrong. Are Cheneyists conditioned to love the ones that instill fear: are they dependent on this negative psychological behavior for subsistence? Consider the similarities of Stockholm syndrome with the tactics of the Cheney gang.

    Hostages often view their kidnappers as the person in control of their basic needs for survival. Psychological conditions are met when we engage in denial and construction of alternate realities that contradict the evidence of reality. Some of these conditions might be symbolic of American superiority, Us verses Them-do or die attitudes, and having unconditional love and support for those who seem to effortlessly define fears in the manifestation of evils of the “other”.

    Hostages focus on their captor’s perspective as their subsistence depends on this attention. Captors convince their hostages that they are privy to information the ‘normal’ population does not have—hostages are dependent on this so-called information for their survival.

    The Captor threatens to kill the hostage. The Cheney Gang threatens that more Americans will die if their prescribed precautions are not implemented.

    The captor, once a dominating position is established, exhibits kindness and seeks to shift the reality of captor to savior. Cheney reinforces a false sense of allegiance to a perverted form of justice. He further attempts to isolate Americans from the world with tales of danger and unpredictability abroad, while strength and power (Shock and Awe) are attributes only found in Cheney’s America.

    In the case of Stockholm syndrome the hostage’s desire to live might outweigh any injustices perpetrated by a captor. The hostage may feel that they owe their life to the captor-as all their independence is stripped away and replaced with a complete reliance on the captor.

    Are cheneyists adult sized neonates completely dependent on a Nationalist upbringing?