Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu and Bacon-Cheeseburgers

Yet another consequence of our noxious addiction to nonhuman flesh:



4.30.09: On the assumption that humans are generally too dim-witted to understand the difference between contracting a disease through the consumption of pigs and creating a disease in the process of raising pigs for consumption, the WHO decides to stop using the term "swine flu":



  1. It is peculiar how some persons are immediately available to passively react to negative situations that are easily preventable. It seems any added discomfort on the part of the individual is considered necessity, rather than an avoidable choice. This mania is nearing a point of no return. People are in hysteria around the globe desperately trying to thwart a swine flu pandemic. The sight of people in surgical masks to prevent swine flu from entering their bodies borders on the ridiculous; how far, I wonder, will folks go before they actually face the facts (See U.N. report)about factory farming. Will we soon see people in full body armor and artificial respiration just so they might have a pork chop or a bacon sandwich? However one feels about the consumption of animals, I think most everyone agrees that factory farming is cruel to the animals and a ticking time bomb for humans.

  2. My all-time favorite quote from Peter Singer refers directly to your complaint: "It is a distinctive characteristic of an ideology that it resists refutation. If the foundations of an ideological position are knocked out from under it, new foundations will be found, or else the ideological position will just hang there, defying the logical equivalent of the laws of gravity."

  3. Intuitive and hysterical metaphor by Singer, thanks for that post. I agree, an image that comes to mind is a cartoon like bubble caption that magically appears in ‘real life’ whenever we are faced with potentially negative content. New ‘ideas’ or deflections keep the blame game in play. Notice CNN, “Meet patient zero”, as if to say this kid playing in his backyard surrounded by factory farms (Some US) is somehow responsible (Rational folks of course will not conclude that, but I am pretty sure rational is outnumbered.) The subtle implication is enough. (A neighbor of mine said, "They need to quarantine that damn kid!") And another headline, “Who’s to Blame, Mexico, Pigs?” Tough question there, I'm stumped. Never underestimate the power of predictability. Americans can do no wrong, and since wrong exists, someone’s doing it, perhaps we need a new Army to find this elusive culprit.

  4. Perhaps we could contract with Blackwater to eliminate all these dirty pigs in the dark of night...