Friday, April 24, 2009

(L) Elite Exceptionalism

The current "torture debate" is mostly a fiction of the (mainstream) corporate media:

Update: 4.30.09

Guilty-as-anyone-could-be Condoleezza Rice nervously invokes a variety of Nixonian Presidential exceptionalism ("If George W. Bush authorized it, then it can't be illegal"):

Update: 5.1.09

Here's an intriguing study:

A recent national survey finds that the more frequently Americans go to church, the more likely they are to support torture. Furthermore, those not affiliated with any organized religion are least likely:

Update: 5.9.09

Of course, elite exceptionalism is an instance of "American exceptionalism" ("when we do it, it's different or better"):


  1. Who is going to call these criminals to task if prosecutors and those charged with upholding the law do not? Aren't they then not accountable themselves, and what is to be done? (I know that was an awkward sentence!) Who? How is this happening so consistently, and how on earth is it permitted?!

  2. Those in power have empowered themselves to break the law.

  3. It cannot go on indefinitely. Somehow it must be rectified. The right thing must prevail! (I really hope...)