Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(PTL) Pedagogical Improvisations

Here's a draft of a new chapter for our upcoming sequel to Bridges to the World (Matt Silliman, co-author).  PTL students will recognize some of these exchanges from our recent class/blog discussions.  Comments welcome.



  1. Well, Russell is up to his old tricks again I see.

    It was quite well written, and an engaging conversation about creativity and improvisation. I was left wanting to know one thing, however. Will you address a more concrete application of improvisation within pedagogy in some following chapter?

    While you characterize, even define, improvisation specifically and helpfully, it left me wanting to see it placed within the context of a classroom, it left me wanting a discussion of its educational merit.

  2. Thanks Jacob; I think you're right -- if we don't take up a "concrete" (!) application in this chapter, we certainly should elsewhere in the book now that we've set the conceptual stage.