Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(NHN) US Prisons


  1. I agree that educating our prisoners is the best shot at getting them to change their ways.
    However, it is also something we need to start tackling before people turn into criminal in the first place.
    But not only do we need to make education accessible, we have to make it desirable for the public. As of right now, being educated doesn't mean much to the average citizen.

  2. Quite right; education means little to most people. Or rather, abetted by the political and media classes, almost everyone has come to think of education, reductively, as a means to an economic end, never as something one might do for its own inherent pleasure and value. So most people learn to dislike learning and are deeply disconnected from it, and for some it's not until they're in prison that they find the time to discover what it's really like.

  3. Yes, this essay focuses more on the sad consequences of having the world's highest rate of incarceration (concentrated in certain populations), not so much its causes.