Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Fall, 2011 Course Offerings

As we approach pre-registration for the fall, here's some important information for any potential students. 

I will be teaching one upper-division philosophy/honors elective entitled Philosophy of Music.  Enrollment will be restricted to 20 students.  As the title suggests, we will approach music -- its nature, value, function -- from a theoretical/philosophical perspective (in sharp contrast to, say, music appreciation, education, performance, theory, or history).  That is, will we consider a variety of epistemological, metaphysical, and axiological questions about music as a special type of thing, human practice, and source of cognitive/aesthetic value.  The primary text will be Andy Hamilton's Aesthetics and Music (Continuum Publishing, 2007).

I will also teach one Honors section of Art and Philosophy along with one regular, non-honors section.  The syllabi for my current sections of Art and Philosophy are listed in the margin of this blog (though I will most likely be using a new text).

All courses will demand a constant flood of student participation, irrepressible enthusiasm, perfect senses of civility, humility, and interpersonal charity, and, of course, lots of careful reading, engaging writing, and critical thinking.  (That is, my course expectations will be in full force.)


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