Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Carnivorous Contraptions


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  1. "after all, there is never any shortage of flies"

    is she (the narrator) suggesting that there is never any shortage of life? A plant adapts to consume flies to support itself (its life). We then bring time 'to life' by allowing a clock to run on fly (life) consumption (life for a 'life'---can one life be 'real' (fly) and the second life be 'hyperreal'? A life more real than real...). The video also talks about powering other robots through similar means. What's next, feeding minority groupsto the robots?(think marginalization of certain categories of life--possible slippery slope fallacy [but its not] This 'food' would then keep them (the robots) 'satisfied' as by this point, if they are going to consume meat, they may as well have passions. I think the movie 'The Matrix' may allude to something like this. Also, Jean Baudrillard 'The Ecstacy of Communication' and 'The Revenge of the Crystal' are two sources from which a somewhat uneasy (looming) perspective on such 'technological advances' may be adopted, depending on how the texts are interpreted by the reader.

    Nick Raby