Tuesday, December 07, 2010

(EA) A (recent) Case Against Animal Research



  1. Great paper by Joel Marks; I particularly appreciated this passage where Marks challenges the moral ambiguity and paradox of using animals in research precisely because they are valuable, and at the same denying animals any rights based on our prescribed value.

    “The best defense of animal research is that it promotes the welfare of humanity. But this very defense would seem to present a moral paradox. For presumably other animals are used in this work because of their similarities to human beings: how else to obtain results that are relevant to our primary concern with human health? On the other hand, this use of animals fails to accord them any moral status even approaching our own. But if other animals are so similar to us, then why don’t they deserve similar moral consideration?"

  2. Yes, an excellent read. Marks' quote is a paraphrase of James Rachels. I'll show you the original -- much more elegant -- quote next time you're in the office.