Sunday, December 05, 2010

(EA) A Glowing Endorsement of Transgenesis


  1. Come along on a festive ‘new scientist’s’ sing along:

    Ruppy the fluores-cent puppy
    had a very shiny coat
    and if you ever saw her
    you would even say it glows

    all of the ‘new-sci-en-tists’
    used to laugh and call her names
    they never let poor Ruppy
    join in any puppy games

    then one foggy Christmas Eve
    PETA came to say
    Ruppy with your coat so bright
    Won’t you help in our fur plight?

    Then all the ‘new-sci-en-tists’ loved her
    She brought much fame and money
    Ruppy the fluores-cent puppy
    You’ll go down in history!