Friday, October 29, 2010

(EA) "Super Slam" Hunt = Kill 29 Species


  1. I think it's funny when they call it a "sport" and somehow more humane that they use bows instead of "advanced weaponry"... until I see a deer using an artificial weapon, I think it still puts hunter and hunted on uneven grounds, which is not good sportsmanship at all.

  2. Yes; maybe the term "sport" only sensibly applies within the species border?

  3. I think perhaps this particular lexical defintion of "sport" connotes that bow-hunting may take more skill than that of "advanced weaponry" (which could mean anything, really. How about heat-seeking rockets that will lock-on to the hapless animal? Even then, there would probably be more technical skill to use those. They probably mean a skill based on strength. However, wouldn't it be even grounds if a human used only his hands to kill an animal? I would say that would take the most skill. Even using a knife is arguable, since deer have horns, and we have... um... our brains? Either way, the horns:knife tool analogy could possibly work.)

    I agree that "sport" only really has a human-based definition, so it follows that these people will define their own rules for such an event (which also will justify their behavior.) This is also probably the source of contention....