Monday, September 20, 2010

Basic Reminders to All Students

1. I have been uncharacteristically flexible about accepting late Q&A's this first time around; I will not be continuing that practice. All further work must be submitted on time.

Note well: Missing class is not an excuse for missing a deadline (unless you can supply a valid excuse as identified in the MCLA handbook).

2. Relatedly, do not submit work to me on First Class in lieu of attending class. Absent a valid excuse for missing class when work is due/collected, I will not accept the work for any credit.

3. Attend all classes, arrive on time, and participate fully. To act otherwise is disrespectful and/or counterproductive.

4. Any questions about an assignment posted online should be addressed to me on First Class at the time the question occurs, not several days later in class.

5. Thesis statements for those who chose the thesis-option are due this coming Friday. Submit in writing in class or online.

6. Bloggers should by this time have produced a bare minimum (!) of two posts. Remember to end all posts with a question.

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