Friday, June 11, 2010

The Illusions of our (new age) Epoch


  1. Several strange claims here. If when I die time "reboots" and all potentialities are actualized, whatever that means, how is this a consolation? What I like about life is (some of) the experiences I have now, which take place in time (part of why they're precious) and involve things that evidently pre-exist my experiencing them. If death takes that away and replaces it with all potentialities at once or something, then it is just as much to be feared, if not more, than oblivion or eternal reward/damnation.

  2. Further, if time "reboots" as a consequence of the absence of a consciousness that brings it about, or some such nonsense, then time either reboots every few seconds (as someone dies) or time -- all of it -- is entirely relative to each of us.