Sunday, May 09, 2010

More (real) Art: Michel Camilo, "From Within"


  1. No good place to put this; figured you (or anyone who reads your blog) would be interested:

  2. these musicians are extremely talented, but are only working on 1 dimension, the way that joe satriani and steve vai do in blues/rock... my problem with this is the same with rational philosophy, if you limit reality to 1 dimension, that is all you will experience... here is a video by my favorite artist and you will notice that there is no lack of quality, plus elements of originality coming from audio engineers and multicultural influences, plus they have a lot more fun

  3. I would be interested to know what you mean by ‘one dimensional,’ as no off-the-shelf lexical meaning of this term could possibly apply to a musician as versatile as Michel Camilo – or for that matter to philosophy that employs reason. Perhaps you have in mind an unstated stipulative definition, or your statement could be intended to act as a persusasive one.

    As for fun, I would have thought that this, if anything, is purely a matter of taste. Mine runs to both of these musical styles and traditions, which I find interesting, pleasurable, and fun. I don’t see any need for one-upsmanship with respect to them.