Friday, April 02, 2010

(CR) Maturana on Time

An essay on the nature of time from Humberto Maturana, a neurobiologist, anti-realist constructivist, and close associate of Ernst von Glasersfeld (a central figure in Bridges to the World):

An excerpt:

Living takes place in the now, in the moment in which it is taking place. Living is a dynamics that disappears as it takes place. Living takes place in no time, without past or future. Past, present and future are notions that we human beings, we observers, invent as we explain our occurrence in the now. We invent past as a source of the now or present, and we invent future as a dimension that arises as an extrapolation of the features of our living now, in the present. As past, present and future, are invented to explain our living now, time is invented as a background in which past, present and future can take place. But life, living, takes place as now, as a flow of changing processes.

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