Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(CR) Equality and Justice

Aristotle on formal equality (or justice): "Treat like cases alike."

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  1. since reading plato's republic for the first time (almost 8 years ago) i haven't found a better argument for justice. the ultimate advantage would be for me to take advantage of you and for you not to seek revenge, the greatest disadvantage would be for you to take advantage of me without me being able to seek revenge, therefore i vouch my freedom to take advantage of you for the security that you wont take advantage of me. essentially, this is a bare bones example of the social contract.
    concerning aristotle's theory on equality, given our new Q & A topic of time, i think something that appears constant in reality, is actually consistent with time in reality. therefore we treat things as if they are alike based on appearance, but nothing is the same. i think that the fact that things happen, creates time, and time is perpetual as long as things constantly happen.