Thursday, February 25, 2010

Liberalism Lost in the Framing Wars

David Michael Green:

"By not refuting the false accusations that he is a liberal or even a socialist, and by running an abysmal presidency, Obama has done as much as the scum on the right in service to wrecking a set of ideas that are not only noble and correct, but are desperately needed now by a country imploding under the weight of the regressive politics which has been ascendant for thirty years now. Worst of all - and quite by design - Americans are forgetting what any sort of progressive politics would even actually look like. Orwell understood the significance of this phenomenon so well he made it the existential nightmare of his protagonist, Winston Smith. All Winston wanted to do was to hold onto some sense of a tangible reality. O'Brien, his torturer, showed him what happens when power not only wants to win battles, but better yet end them forever by eliminating the very opposing ideas people might embrace."


  1. Wow. Well, I think that the troubled times within which we live give rise to extremist views, on both sides of the spectrum, and sensationalist language as opposed to clear, precise, and accurate.

    Could Obama be running a better presidency? Absolutely. Should he constantly remind people that he is not a socialist, not a left winged liberal? No, but I will pretend for the moment that he should. (At some point it behooves oneself to no longer refute outlandish claims and to simply ignore them)

    Even with these two points it is simply inaccurate to claim that his one year has been abysmal, or that he has done as much damage as the scum on the left.

    Oh, and by the way...

    Would Orwell be horrified? Yes, quite likely. Would "COMRADE O'Brien" be proud, doubtful.

    P.S. Calling him 'comrade' O'Brien is just as intentionally misleading to his views as the work of those who this author so despises.

    Hypocrisy is no instrument of persuasion.

  2. I agree that DMG's prose can be inflammatory (in a way that weakens his argument at times); but I also think he's essentially right.