Monday, February 22, 2010

(CR) Peter Singer's Ethics

One (very) critical review of Singer's utilitarianism and redistributionism:

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  1. i think we need to stop throwing money at these issues. though an admirable attempt; somebody is going to find a way to get rich off pete singer's idea and there will still be poor and unhappy people. it is great advertising, but i'm not falling for it. can't we all imagine an alcohal commercial with attractive people having a good time? do we think that alcohal is promising us attractive friends (maybe if we drink enough)? what do we really want? even if there was an appropriate distrobution of wealth around the world, people would still be unhappy. we would be encouraging people to expect others to pull their weight and take advantage of the system. addicts will be able to afford to over dose, people who don't understand that commercial media is trying to scam them still wont; and will buy more and more of the garbage that they are being told they need.

    "THIS is not grief or joy, this is not a judging state, or an elation or sadness, those come and go. THIS is the presense that doesn't. what else could human beings want? when grapes turn to wine, they are wanting THIS. when the nightsky pours by, it's really a crowd of beggars, and they all want some of THIS. THIS, that we are now, created the body, cell by cell, like bees building a honey comb. the human body and the universe grew from THIS, not THIS from the universe and the body"