Friday, November 06, 2009

(A&P) Hume on "Necessary Connection"

Here's a brief sample of David Hume's skeptical approach to causality:

"All events seem entirely loose and separate. One event follows another; but we never can observe any tie between them. They seem conjoined but never connected. And as we can have no idea of anything, which never appears to our outward sense or inward sentiment, the necessary conclusion seems to be, that we have no idea of connexion or power at all, and that these words are absolutely without any meaning, when employed either in philosophical reasoning, or in private life."


  1. I do not understand. Is he saying that events may follow each other but nothing in life is connected?

  2. Yes, all we can know is that, thus far, event b seems always to follow event a. We have no knowlege of any more intimate connection.

  3. Hmm, interesting I will be responding to this in my blog. (Not to get off topic, but will blogging be the only thing we do this week since we would only have two days for a Q&A next week since we have Wednesday off?)