Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pallin' around with Palin

David Michael Green on Palin:

"But here, near as I can tell, is what I think she was trying to say in her rambling resignation speech:

1. I can "progress" Alaska and America with or without a title.
2. I'm wasting my precious time here on Earth as Governor, defending against false accusations.
3. Therefore I'm not going to run for a second term.
4. Therefore I'm not going to finish my first one either, like some governors do, as a "lame-duck" going off on junkets and stuff.
5. (Oh, and by the way, the troops in the military are really, really great people. Not that that has a damn thing to do with anything, but if I talk a lot about them it'll score me lots of points with idiots, just like it did for Bush.)

....She loves her job, but she's going to sacrifice it all for the people of Alaska. You know, the one's who asked her to actually serve all four years of her term when they honored her with the highest office in the state."

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