Thursday, May 14, 2009

Elite Exceptionalism, Cont.

Glenn Greenwald comments on Obama's continuing efforts to ignore or hide evidence of Bush-era crimes:

This is just another manifestation of the generalized Beltway religion that we should suppress and ignore the heinous acts our government committed and to which we acquiesced, because if we just agree to forget about all of it, then we can blissfully pretend that it never happened and avoid doing anything about it.

And Andrew Sullivan comments on the MSN's (self-serving) inclination to parse all moral/legal arguments as merely political:

The MSM cannot see the question of torture and violation of the Geneva Conventions as a matter of right and wrong, of law and lawlessness. They see it as a matter of right and left. And so an attempt to hold Bush administration officials accountable for the war crimes they proudly admit to committing is 'left-wing.'

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