Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turkeys of the World Unite

On Turkey Day

One bird we honor on this day of thanks;
Alongside our symbol of freedom she ranks.
Regard for her grows as we near “Turkey Day.”
(I’ll parse her death as “regard,” if I may.)

Are turkeys the victims of vile human power?
A simpering few harbor thoughts fairly dour:
“These birds live their lives in a self-conscious way;
These birds aren't for stuffing, or eating,” they say.

Don't people agree that tradition's a right;
One sufficiently strong to eclipse the bird’s plight?
Perhaps they’re just bored, confused, or hate cooking;
It’s only a bird (and rather ill-looking).

Those in the know limit thought to our brains:
Alone we can suffer, feel pleasures and pains.
Just meeting our needs – a formidable feat;
How dreary the world, each entrée sans meat!

Life’s like a raft, with but room for one kind;
(And -- tofu be damned -- they're too simple to mind.)
The turkey we honor on this day of thanks;
Alongside our symbol of freedom she ranks.


Update: A recent video of Sarah Palin oblivious to the slaughter of turkeys behind her:


  1. Tofurky all the way. Adopt (sponsor) a turkey from Farm Sanctuary in NY. Know your "food", these clever loving creatures will win you over--investigate.

  2. Turkeys are people, too. Have you any good tofurky recipes?

  3. This year I'm working on a cranberry walnut gravy, I'll bring some in after Tofurkey day. I sponser a turkey every year, (At Farm Sanc,) this year my new friend enjoys flaunting his stuff for the ladie birds, he's damn funny, and cute.