Wednesday, November 05, 2008


  1. I am really proud that I voted in this election because it is such a historic event. I don't think people understand, though, he won because of his proposals as to what America needs and his plans for making this a better country. Now I have seen a lot of people get swept up into racial issues and I think its wrong. Before the primary's, I watched something on in which a guy was interviewing a bunch of people who lived in west Virginia. He asked them if Obama wins the primary would they vote for him in the presidential election and they said no (mind you they were democrats.) Why is there such a big issue placed on race, Yes I know that is what makes this election significant, but some people mainly voted or didn't vote for Obama because of the color of his skin. I voted for Obama because I didn't think that Mccain was medically fit to be president and I didn't agree with Sarah Palin's view on things. Race wasn't a decision factor which i don't think can be said for some.

  2. I failed to realize how very cynical I had become about American politics until the night of this election. I feel as if the new generation of voters might only now be realizing that America is capable of much more than what the Bush administration demonstrated--I know in my case, at least, growing up under that for 8 years made me feel like America really wasn't a country that could change. That's all quite different now.

    Of course there's still a long road ahead. But never once have I witnessed someone in office who explicitly shared my ideas about government and society. Barack Obama's speech that night wasn't just inspirational--it portending something truly hopeful for America. I have an intuition that this was the first step into a new era. We'll see.

    But damn, was that a good night.