Wednesday, May 18, 2011


1. Now that the semester's officially over, I want to thank all of those dedicated and talented students who, by the simple yet hopefully rewarding act of meeting (or approximating) my "pedagogical expectations," helped to make the spring semester a particularly rewarding one for me.

2. I again invite former student-bloggers who intend to blog over the summer or independently of upcoming courses to send me links for the list "Other Bloggers I Like."  It's a nice way to continue conversations deeper than those sustained by other mediums, such as FB.

3. Call for Papers: I am collecting essays (1-2 thoughful, refined pages) for an upcoming special fall issue of T-12 primarily devoted to the issue of ethics and animals.  Send me your best work.

4. I will be blogging only intermittently over the summer -- unless, of course, someone picks a (friendly) philosophical fight over my posts.

5. Matt and I will soon have a draft of Bridges to Autonomy.  Those who have graciously offered to review/comment on the manuscipt will hear from us shortly.

6. See you in upcoming classes or around campus, dinners in town over the summer, and, of course, on the volleyball court this September.  Have a nice summer.

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